If you are having issues with audio playback, it could be due to the settings on your computer or device. We recommended you try the following to resolve the problem:

Verify Video Player Settings

  1. Verify your web player settings by checking the volume level on the Love Nature player; you will see a speaker icon in the lower right hand corner which will indicate your volume level. Make sure audio is not muted or the settings are too low.

Verify System Settings

  1. For your computer, check your system settings to ensure audio is enabled. For a windows PC, double-click the volume icon in the System Tray and verify that none of the audio settings are muted. On Mac, audio controls can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. For tablet applications, you can mute or adjust the volume using the physical volume keys on the side of your device. Make sure these are at the desired levels.
  3. For set-top-box and game console applications, use your TV’s remote control to adjust volume up and down.
  4. Try playing audio from another application on your device such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or QuickTime to confirm audio is working for audio files stored locally on your computer. If not, there may be an issue with your computer affecting audio playback.
  5. On a PC or Mac, you can also try quitting or restarting your browser and logging onto LoveNature.com again.